introduction to users of GCzII

Bild ""This page is written in english, because it's dedicaded to geocachers all over the world that are
-or have been- using GCzII on their Windows Mobile Phones and that have subscribed to this
GCzII-thread at
I've been using GCzII for nearly two years now, but unfortunately GCzII hasn't been maintained since may 2011, for what reason ever. Therefore this great application has lost one of it's favorite features: Loading,
searching an logging Geocaches "in the field" by just clicking "Search for Nearby Geocaches" from the Startscreen.

At the end of November 2011 I visited  this thread on and learned that geocaching on the fly was possible again:
Cachebox has been implemented the GC API and is currently approved officialy by groundspeak. That certain detail is important to GCzII-Users, because this always has been the issue with GCzII: Most changes on the GC website had to be compensated in a new subversion, which then had to be reinstalled by each user. Using the official API promises, that this will no longer be an issue, - with chachebox! The following sites are an overview to the usage and features of cachebox.

Statements especially dedicated to GCzII users are written in blue color.