Cachebox is an application for geocaching. It can be run on handheld devices using
Windows Mobile up to version 6.5 (like my HTC touch HD).

It has some significant benefits against genuine GPS devices:

Bild "splash.jpg"  - Opensource Software

- no additional Hardware needed (if PDA is available)

- allows paperless geocaching

- helps solving mysterycaches with integrated solver

- finds new caches also "in the field"* (like GCzII used to do)
   (no previous Pocket-Query creation needed)

- logs caches instantly *

(*: GPRS Internetconnection needed)

  Terms used in this documentation:   (tabtabtabtabtabtabtab)  :irre:
  - tab  : to tab means to hold, some longer then to klick (which is even difficult without a mouse)
  - Tab : a Tab is an area to tab or doubleclick on and means each tabbable area.
    While Tab means any tabbable Tab,
   TAB means only the five main TABS at the bottom of the screen.
   want some more? OK!
  -doubleclick is only used when making a cache the active or current one, whether on TAB DB or TAB Nav.