aktuelle Version

Previously to installing cachebox, make shure you have the following:
- a PDA or PocketPC running Windows Mobile ver 6.5 or below.
    (Windows 7 not yet supported!)
- an Internet-connection through GPRS will be required at least for getting the API key.
    (be aware of charges)
- previously .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed (strictly required).
   If not done so far, download and run from your PC, where your PDA is attached.

Bild "misc.jpg" Get current Cachebox-WM-API
from link above.
Store the .CAB file on
your PDA and run it.
Set the installationpath
to your storagecard.

(The Installation might
use up a lot of space,
depending on the amont
of stored caches.)
-No Problem to handle 3.000 Caches and more!

When the installation is done,
start configuring cachebox by
going to Misc > Settings.

Note: To prevent from unintended navigating, cachebox can be operated with a tab or double-tip.
Within menu-options tab on the screen, to activate a cache/change the active cache double-tip it