DB - Database

The DataBase Screen is the main screen and heart of cachebox

Bild "DB-menu.jpg" Within this screen you see a list of all stored caches in the current database.
To work with this list, tab (don't klick but hold) on List. The Tab also shows the number of caches.
You can Auto Resort or Resort List manually by distance from your current position.

The single entries appear very clear and familiar to each geocacher.
Distance and direction are shown dynamically!  -Great feature, isn't it?
And don't worry about performance if you have a thousand or even more caches :-)

By default the list is sortetd by distance. The closest one (also the active one) is on top and marked. You can coose/mark any other cache by doubleclicking!

Filter gives you each possibility of filtering you ever can imagine.  :)
You can Search by Title, GC-Code or Owner.
Manage let's you hadle several databases for different cachelists.
Last but not least we have the great new feature Search Caches Live API